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NJ Inheritance Tax Preparation Form NJ IT-R 

NJ Inheritance & Estate Tax Preparation NJ IT-R NJ IT-Estate Preparation

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Kevin A. Carestia, CPA is the premier NJ Inheritance Tax Preparation Firm.  We proudly serve the entire NJ area.  We understand how hard it is to lose a loved one.  To make matters worse when a loved one passes away their financial obligations continue.


When a relative dies banks and financial institutions are instructed by the state to hold the funds until NJ issues a waiver.  In order to obtain a waiver Inheritance tax returns must be filed then reviewed and cleared by an auditor.  This process can take several months and involves a lot of paperwork.  The NJ Inheritance Tax Return must be filed within 8 months from date of death.  Extension are available to extend the due dates but keep in mind that any tax due must be paid by the original due date not factoring in the extensions.


Our goal is to make the filing of the NJ Inheritance Tax Returns as easy as possible for you and also to ensure that you pay the least amount of tax that your legally required to pay.  To get the process started give us a call or email and we will get you on the right track.  

Our Process
• Free Initial Consultation
• Provide an initial assessment and provide a list of documents to gather
• Prepare the Inheritance Tax Returns
• Have Executor/Executrix sign and notarize the returns
• Mail completed, signed, and notarized returns along with payment if applicable to NJ Division of Taxation
• After a certain amount of time has passed we contact the NJ Division of Taxation and get a status update

• Once we receive the waivers we contact the client 


Along with NJ Inheritance Tax Preparation Services this office also provides:
• Individual Tax Preparation
• Business Tax Return Preparation
• Gift & Estate Tax Return Preparation
• Partnership & Corporate Tax Preparation
• Estate and Succession Planning
• Tax & Education Planning
• Out-of-State Returns
• Business Start-Ups

We provide Tax Preparation Services to New Jersey and all other states.

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